Finding our balance

Finding balance in our lives can be as difficult as finding a handsome, smart, successful, emotionally healthy guy on a first date.

We think we have him, his messages were nice, he picked us up in a clean car, he chose a good restaurant, and then he says something like, “Just so you know, my wife won’t be allowed to work so I hope that is ok with you” while separating his food by color and eating a pea at a time.

Handsome, yes? Emotionally healthy? Fail.

We usually need a few tries to find Mr. Right, and finding life balance can be equally as tricky- we think we have found a schedule that works, a mindfulness practice that brings us calmness, and have carved out time for friends and health on a weekly basis. But that lasted a couple weeks before we “got busy” or distracted or our work schedule ran away with us or happy hour sounded more appealing than gym time or insert reason here:________________.

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Catastrophic Carb Confusion: Part 1

I just got back from a 10 day, blow-your-mind fantastic trip to Israel. First, go. Please, go. It was magical. Second, they had the most delicious looking/smelling/tasting breads.


Among a gazillion other amazingly tasty food stuffs. But their carb game was on point.



Are we hungry yet?

Or are we avoiding carbs this week?

Let’s talk about this because Catastrophic Carb Confusion (CCC) is rampant. So many of my patients are ultra-confused- what should we eat? And what should we merely snap pictures of and admire from afar? Continue reading

Food for (behavior changing) thought

What is the secret ingredient to a long + happy life? Good genes help. And good jeans help. But honestly? Quality friendships provide the biggest boost.

According to the Mayo Clinic, having people we can count on can:

  • Intensify belonging and purpose
  • Promote happiness and decrease stress
  • Improve self-confidence and self-efficacy
  • Help us better deal with bad events
  • Encourage change or helps us avoid unhealthy lifestyle habits

In Okinowa, the community with the most people over 100 worldwide, they keep small circles of friends- typically 4 or 5- that they have committed to for life. Continue reading

Wendy’s to remove antibiotic laden chickens from menu

I’m sure you guys have heard this oft-quoted, catchy Hippocrates saying: “Let food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food”.

It seems that sometime before Google search, an animal agriculture executive must have sat down at the end of a hard day, had a few drinks and tried to recite this saying to his colleagues.

“I think it’s…let thy medicine be in thy food!” he likely exclaimed.

This folly would be more acceptable than the reality which is that there is now a TON of medicine deliberately dumped into our grub- about 70% of the antibiotics in the U.S. are pumped into our farm animals each year. This practice has increased 16% from 2009 to 2012.

With 99.9% of chickens sold in the U.S raised on factory farms, many of us are unknowingly consuming large amounts of antibiotics through the meat we eat. In order for big animal agriculture to change their junkie habits, wholesale buyers of these products must demand better quality meat.

Luckily, one wholesale market- fast food – is catching the winds of change.

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8 ways to improve our diet…today

Hiii! Happy hump day! Wednesday, guys!

Which means we’re another day closer to the Suicide Squad release. Yes! This weekend also happens to be my 32nd birthday- how’d that happen?

To ensure another 32+ years of health for all of us, I wanted to share some quick tips on how to promptly improve our diets. This is a visual I put together for a lunch and learn talk with my Aunt’s company. I’ll let it speak for itself.


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Citizens of the Planet

When I was in graduate school, my dad took me to see Alanis Morissette at the Taft Theatre in Cincinnati on a cool, summer night. When we walked in, a bit late, the opening act was already on stage.

One guy, one guitar, and a haunting voice- I fell in love with Alexi Murdoch’s music that night. My favorite song, All My Days, always gets me in the mood to write- it is so peaceful and pensive. I even ran my first marathon listening to the album Time Without Consequence over and over.

I loved Alanis’ new album debuted at that concert, too. Flavors of Entanglement boasted quite a few heart-wrenching songs related to her then-recent breakup with Ryan Reynolds. There was one song, however, that was a noted juxtaposition with the other broken-hearted tracks. I thought Citizen of the Planet had a powerful message:

I come alive and I get giddy- I am taken and globally naturalized

I am a citizen of the planet

From simple roots through high vision

Her phrase- Citizen of the planet- stuck with me. We think of ourselves as citizens of our cities, our states, our countries…but often we lose sight of being, first and foremost, citizens of Earth. Native American culture stressed appreciation for nature and the world that supports our every breath. In our modern society, however, we have often lost this clarity. It’s so easy to be absorbed by technology and ease of access. Continue reading

Vegan + gluten free banana peanut butter muffins

Two things are on my mind after this weekend- babies and muffins.

Such a girly combo, right?

Dr. P and I finally had the chance to hop the 2 hours south to meet our best friends’ 1-month old baby, J. J is adooorrable! We are heels above head, totally in love. And our friends are doing an amazing job with parenting.

But Mama K is having to be careful with her noshing due to J having some potential food sensitivities. With breast feeding, moms have to sometimes modify what they eat to make sure it isn’t hurting the baybays. Mama K is avoiding eggs, dairy, and soy currently- which is difficult considering she is a vegetarian already.

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Awesome workout to kill your booty

I’ve been keepin ‘ a little Five Star notebook to document my workouts and weight amounts since I was a teenager.

I like to see my progress. For example, I used 15 lb dumbbells for chest press in high school, 25 lbs in college, and now I rep 30s or 35s.

Documenting helps keep me honest, too- like, whoah! I haven’t been to the gym in weeks! Or, I haven’t lifted my back since April!

Confession: secretly hate lifting my back. Goo.

Sometimes, however, as notebooks are want to do, the little guys wander off. So I buy another, start it over. Maybe get one with more flowers on the front or a pithy saying, like “Love is all around”. Continue reading

Most (positively) delicious veggie lasagna

I was super happy last Sunday night.

I felt like a Top Chef. Or at least one of those totally put together women. We know the ones- they host lavish dinner parties where guests whisper, “She is the best cook ever” while passing around homemade macaroons.

Yes, that sounds delightful. I’m not quite there yet- but dreaming is positive, yes?

As part of this continued desire to morph into Julia Child,  I asked Dr. P to start rating my recipes. I wanted to gauge his preferences and my progress as I experimented with culinary creativity. It’s also a rad tool to have- a list of recipes our man loves for when we need extra spousal points.

Thus, the Dr. P Scale was born.

It’s a Likert scale from 1 to 10 . A score of 1 is basically inedible while a 10 is the most delicious thing on this sweet, sweet planet. Continue reading

How to make green juice when you don’t have a juicer

Oh, those little extras.

Life is full of them- extra 30 minutes our boss kept us after work, extra load of laundry we need to do, extra bill we forgot to pay…

Our lives fill up quickly with events and things and people namely to, well, stress us out. We work, we run around, we rarely rest (and that goes for those of us that DON’T even have kids yet!). Being “too busy” is one of the most common reasons my patients report for eating poorly.

This ongoing life stress and habitual ill-attention to our diet quality may actually be decreasing our lives by shortening our telomeres. Our what?! you ask. No, it’s not a new cell phone app! Guys!

Telomeres are found on the ends of our DNA chromosomes, and longer telomere length is associated with longer life . Shorter telomeres mean our cells die faster- hence, the aging process. The longer we live, the more of our cells die, and our lifestyle affects this rate.

Stress, obesity, a pro-inflammatory diet, and smoking have been found to speed up telomere shortening- in essence, the aging process- as well as increase our risk of chronic disease. But lifestyle changes can increase our telomere length– even if we haven’t been super kind to our bodies thus far.
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