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8 ways to improve our diet…today

Hiii! Happy hump day! Wednesday, guys!

Which means we’re another day closer to the Suicide Squad release. Yes! This weekend also happens to be my 32nd birthday- how’d that happen?

To ensure another 32+ years of health for all of us, I wanted to share some quick tips on how to promptly improve our diets. This is a visual I put together for a lunch and learn talk with my Aunt’s company. I’ll let it speak for itself.


Also, have I introduced our newest family member, Lady? Dr. P gave her to me as a birthday gift- we’ve been thinking about getting a puppster for years.


We are totally, completely, madly, truly, deeply…in love!

Dr. P didn’t think he was a dog-person, but then he met our little girl. Totally a Lady’s man now!

For some reason, she likes to crawl to the highest places. Like here- she just climbs right up my chest and perches on my shoulders. OH my, is she affectionate! Now I know why research points to dogs increasing happiness and longevity in their pet parents.

Hope everyone has a love-filled day!



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