about meThe Basics

Like 29% of women in the United States, I was a stay-at-home mom last year. I’m now back to work part-time for a DC-based mental health, eating disorder, and substance abuse facility while maintaining a virtual private practice, Bodacious Nutrition (check out our birth story!)

I’m also a Diabetes Educator (CDE), Health Coach and Personal Trainer. I specialize in intuitive eating, emotional and binge eating, pre-diabetes/diabetes, fertility, the connection between mental health and nutrition, and plant-based nutrition.

Even though I’m an educated, research-based professional, I’m first and foremost an imperfect person who sometimes doesn’t eat well, gets sleep-deprived (especially lately!), clumsily breaks her husband’s favorite coffee mug (I’m still sorry about that), and generally has to live in our chaotic world.

I go by the 90/10 rule of trying to do the right thing most of the time- which leaves some space for foolhardiness, right?

My writing

On this blog, you’ll find my daily happenings, thoughts, research I find interesting, or any other randomness that might amuse or educate.

Essentially, I love nutrition, fitness, helping people live better, and comedic writing.

So I thought, why not combine my interests?

If I can find the time and have fun writing silly posts with some nutrition advice, while wiping baby spit up off my shirt, entertaining an infant, trying to maintain a healthy marriage and active social life, cutting through the banal housework, taking clients, cleaning up dog poop from the basement (yes, every day since the baby was born), and finding time for a good work out, then maybe someone will want to read it.

And if they do, maybe they’ll take away something that motivates them or makes them smile.

And that’s fabulous.

More about my journey

Initially, I didn’t realize nutrition could be a career choice. I have a BA in English, but a year after graduation, I switched directions and enrolled in graduate school for nutrition science at the University of Cincinnati.

After graduate school, my dietetic internship brought me to Richmond, VA where I met my husband, Dr. P. He’ll figure prominently in my writing because he is my best friend and life partner, but he also provides some pretty stellar writing material (this is a compliment, babe. I promise).

Dr. P and I landed in Washington DC a couple years ago after 4 party-hard, work-hard years in Baltimore, MD where I learned to love the Ravens, a fatty crab cake, and anything Fells Point. We now try to fill our lives with equal parts awesome and healthy. 

bodacious dietitian family
Dr. P, Baby Bee, and me
We have a little dog, too. This is Lady.

A few other facts that might come up in my writing:

  • I didn’t grow up in a culinary household- quite the opposite (canned ravioli, anyone?)- so I couldn’t boil pasta when I graduated from my undergrad. I’ve since taught myself how to cook, but I have trouble following rules, so I rarely use a recipe as is. I can’t resist being creative! So you’ll find ideas and links to good recipes, but you probably won’t find too many made-from-scratch recipes on this site. I’ll certainly refer you to good recipes though!
  • I played competitive soccer my whole life, and college soccer for a minute. I quit freshman year of college after my 3rd ACL tear and reconstruction. Enough was enough, man.
  • I’m technically a pescatarian because I eat fish on occasion when nothing else is available (holidays, restaurants). But I eat mostly vegan and limit dairy and eggs. I don’t believe in labels, though. We should eat what we need in the moment to nourish us. I do believe in sustainable eating, however, which is plant-based eating. This will come up a lot in my writing.
  • I love working out. If I go a day or two without it, I can feel the negative effects. I lift, I’m a marathoner, I do yoga, and I’m obsessed with home workout DVDs and gritty gym space.
  • I love a good beer. I believe moderation leads us closer to perfection. And so does beer.

Freelance writing can be found in Baltimore Brew  and IDEA Fitness Journal.

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