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Chickpeas + Fiber Highlight

Chickpeas- aka garbanzo beans- are finally getting some credit. With hummus making a dash from the foodie to the mainstream scene, more and more of us are dippin’ and divin’ into chickpea bliss.

But these magic little beans are still underrated. We could use them way more than we do to add protein and fiber to dishes  or healthy snacking. They are vitality dynamos and so super easy to use!

They are also delicate on our bank account. Buy them canned and pre-cooked for less than $1, and dried beans are the cheapest form of protein per ounce.


Bodacious Tip: Buy a bunch of cans when they are on sale. Make them a kitchen staple and a great last minute meal protein option.

In addition to being inexpensive, they also rule because they are loaded with fiber, potassium, and iron. Many of us occasionally have trouble taking a poo. Admit it. There are days we are like, What is going on down there? This clog is worse than DC traffic!

Inadequate fiber and water at play here? I think yes, sir.

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VO2 max & the Fat Burning Zone

Efficient Exercise

We’ve all seen those color coded zone diagrams on the fitness equipment at the gym. Work this hard and you are in the Fat Burning Zone, a bit harder and you are in the Aerobic Zone. We all want to exercise and work more efficiently. Do more in less time. See results with less work.

My husband, Dr. P, likes to think of it as conservation of energy for better things- like if we exercise or need to clean the house or have the obligatory spousal conversation about the status of our relationship in less time, then we have more time and energy to party, man. Sounds good to this girl!

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Nutrition highlight: Kiwi and food waste talk

The kiwi is one pretty fruit. It photographs so well!

Would be aesthetic addition to a potluck dish!

It also reminds me of the rad neon green eyeliner I thought was all the rage in high school (srrrrsly, not good judgment there!).

So I bought a whole bucket of kiwi last week, and I needed to get creative in order to use it all up.  Food waste has become a big issue in this country, so I didn’t want to contribute to this stinky problem. According to a report by UNEP and the World Resources Institute (WRI), 30-40% of the food in America’s food supply is just dumped into landfills yearly. That is ~1 in 3 calories!

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What an RD eats in a day

Healthy-LunchRachel from Accidental Athlete is a sweetheart. I met her walking to the metro one windy weekday morning. She was on her way to do a corporate wellness presentation and her sunny disposition was immediately contagious. She handed me her card, and I made sure to follow up with her and connect. Love chance meetings!

Her own personal health journey is inspirational, with some ups and downs, and she is now a pillar of strength and femininity. I was complimented and more than happy to oblige her when she asked me to do a guest post on her blog. It was super fun and one of the reasons I decided to start writing more often! Special thanks to Rachel for letting me take up a bit of space on her online home, if only for a brief moment in time.

Check out the guest post here.  Nom noms!

Bodacious Take Away: There is no one right way to eat- vitality has many faces. Find what works for you.

On anxiety and fear

Sometimes life is like running through the dark with scissors along a landscape of jutting rocks.

We live in a chaotic world. Our natural emotions surrounding this are anxiety and fear. They are our body’s natural reaction to change, and it usually serves to keep us stationary.

When we tell ourselves, “No, I like where I am, because it is comfortable (even though I am unhealthy)”, what we are really saying is, “I’m afraid and nervous to change”.

Anxiety and fear raise cortisol, a stress hormone that make it hard to lose weight and also puts our heart at risk. And because “busy” is cool these days, we are experiencing more anxiety, more stress, more cortisol, more jutting rocks than ever before. 

Quieting our minds and re-center ourselves several times a day can help decrease our stress hormones.

We can only control our present, and there is peace in the present. Health is in the present. Health depends on this ability to focus our minds on the present moment.

One of my favorite quotes is Pablo Picasso’s: “ I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it”.  He was a fearlessly brilliant man. His greatness, I believe, was a direct result of this ability to look a challenge up and down and eschew all doubts in himself and fear of the unknown.

Change is both painful and scary. But no change was ever made without a bit of discomfort.

Here are a few ideas to help us control our anxiety and move toward our goals:

1.       Take an honest stock of your current state of mind. Recognizing negative thought patterns. Are we afraid to change anything for the better or try something that we’ve been wanting to do simply because we are afraid or anxious? Here is a self-test for anxiety that could be helpful in answering this question.

2.     Try meditation and mindfulness. Even just taking 5 minutes of our day to reflect on what we are grateful for, happy or excited about, and what parts of our health we are appreciative of can calm our wired minds and refocus our energy. Meditation has been shown to change the actual shape and function of our brains. Here is a great beginner’s guide to meditation. Also consider taking a local meditation class. Classes where we are gathered together create a powerful and positive energy.

3.       Move more. Exercise burns cortisol and increases feelings of euphoria by stimulating endorphins in our brains. A brisk walk is also a sturdy place to think and breathe. Distance runners tend to have less anxiety, because they have longs runs in which they can clear their minds of clutter and fear.

4.       Eat a diet high in plant-based foods. Food is not only energy, but it also contains a good bit of information that our bodies use to decide to be calm or be frightful. For example, large amounts of simple carbohydrate or sugar can stimulate a stress-response and inflammation. This increases natural stress hormones which can in turn increase feelings of malaise and restlessness. Eating bright colored natural foods in enough variety can help shield us from our own negative energy.

5.       Seek professional assistance. Trained minds such as psychiatrists and psychologists, social workers, and therapists have dedicated their lives to learning how to help us. We live in a mad, mad world, and there is no shame in asking for guidance. I believe in using our resources.