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Awesome workout to kill your booty

I’ve been keepin ‘ a little Five Star notebook to document my workouts and weight amounts since I was a teenager.

I like to see my progress. For example, I used 15 lb dumbbells for chest press in high school, 25 lbs in college, and now I rep 30s or 35s.

Documenting helps keep me honest, too- like, whoah! I haven’t been to the gym in weeks! Or, I haven’t lifted my back since April!

Confession: secretly hate lifting my back. Goo.

Sometimes, however, as notebooks are want to do, the little guys wander off. So I buy another, start it over. Maybe get one with more flowers on the front or a pithy saying, like “Love is all around”.

The previous one invariably turns up though, hidden under the car seat or in a corner of my old gym bag, as if to remind me of how unorganized I am (yes, it is true).

But I love this. It is fantastic to look back and say, “Man, I remember that workout day! I killed my legs!”.

It’s seriously amazing how memorable a good workout is.

It’s also hilarious that my handwriting looks like chicken scratch and every once in a while I’ve scribbled, “Light day- hungover” in the margins.

Again, life balance, yes?


So here is a recent workout I devised after reviewing an old notebook. I did it Monday at Gold’s and IT ROCKED. My booty has been delightfully sore all week. I also incorporated some core- hanging leg raises, crunch with weighted twist, bicycle crunches, and V-ups x 20 reps each- in between my two sets of legs.

I started the workout with climbin’ the Space Needle (915 steps) on the stair stepper. I adore the display targets on the stepper machine. Homegirl be like, Two hundred more steps until I’ve climbed the Great Pyramid! Whoo hoo!

But anyway, always warm up for at least 10 minutes before a heavy lifting day. Also, get a good stretch in.

Nothing is  worse than cold muscles when you need them to be workin’ it.

And if a 50 lb barbell is too heavy for you, don’t worry. Use a lighter weight or your bodyweight if you are a gym newbee. It is good to overload your muscles to see gains, but don’t hurt yourself!

Take it at your own pace. If 50 lbs isn’t challenging, adjust up until you feel a good burn by the end of the set.

My goal with this workout was higher reps and moderate weight.

Hail to a good booty workout! Lemme know how it goes!

xoxo Joanna



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