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Wendy’s to remove antibiotic laden chickens from menu

I’m sure you guys have heard this oft-quoted, catchy Hippocrates saying: “Let food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food”.

It seems that sometime before Google search, an animal agriculture executive must have sat down at the end of a hard day, had a few drinks and tried to recite this saying to his colleagues.

“I think it’s…let thy medicine be in thy food!” he likely exclaimed.

This folly would be more acceptable than the reality which is that there is now a TON of medicine deliberately dumped into our grub- about 70% of the antibiotics in the U.S. are pumped into our farm animals each year. This practice has increased 16% from 2009 to 2012.

With 99.9% of chickens sold in the U.S raised on factory farms, many of us are unknowingly consuming large amounts of antibiotics through the meat we eat. In order for big animal agriculture to change their junkie habits, wholesale buyers of these products must demand better quality meat.

Luckily, one wholesale market- fast food – is catching the winds of change.

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Citizens of the Planet

When I was in graduate school, my dad took me to see Alanis Morissette at the Taft Theatre in Cincinnati on a cool, summer night. When we walked in, a bit late, the opening act was already on stage.

One guy, one guitar, and a haunting voice- I fell in love with Alexi Murdoch’s music that night. My favorite song, All My Days, always gets me in the mood to write- it is so peaceful and pensive. I even ran my first marathon listening to the album Time Without Consequence over and over.

I loved Alanis’ new album debuted at that concert, too. Flavors of Entanglement boasted quite a few heart-wrenching songs related to her then-recent breakup with Ryan Reynolds. There was one song, however, that was a noted juxtaposition with the other broken-hearted tracks. I thought Citizen of the Planet had a powerful message:

I come alive and I get giddy- I am taken and globally naturalized

I am a citizen of the planet

From simple roots through high vision

Her phrase- Citizen of the planet- stuck with me. We think of ourselves as citizens of our cities, our states, our countries…but often we lose sight of being, first and foremost, citizens of Earth. Native American culture stressed appreciation for nature and the world that supports our every breath. In our modern society, however, we have often lost this clarity. It’s so easy to be absorbed by technology and ease of access. Continue reading Citizens of the Planet

Nutrition highlight: Kiwi and food waste talk

The kiwi is one pretty fruit. It photographs so well!

Would be aesthetic addition to a potluck dish!

It also reminds me of the rad neon green eyeliner I thought was all the rage in high school (srrrrsly, not good judgment there!).

So I bought a whole bucket of kiwi last week, and I needed to get creative in order to use it all up.  Food waste has become a big issue in this country, so I didn’t want to contribute to this stinky problem. According to a report by UNEP and the World Resources Institute (WRI), 30-40% of the food in America’s food supply is just dumped into landfills yearly. That is ~1 in 3 calories!

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