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On where to start to lose weight and be healthier

Collectively, we’re an unhealthy bunch. Our children?  Vastly chubbier. Our blood pressure and cholesterol? Far higher. And our heart disease and cancer rates? Staggering as compared to 50 years ago. In the 1960s, only about 10% of us were obese. Today almost 40% of us are. I read an article today that also noted suicide and depression… Read More On where to start to lose weight and be healthier

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Chickpeas + Fiber Highlight

Chickpeas- aka garbanzo beans- are finally getting some credit. With hummus making a dash from the foodie to the mainstream scene, more and more of us are dippin’ and divin’ into chickpea bliss. But these magic little beans are still underrated. We could use them way more than we do to add protein and fiber to dishes  or healthy snacking. They are vitality… Read More Chickpeas + Fiber Highlight


On anxiety and fear

Sometimes life is like running through the dark with scissors along a landscape of jutting rocks. We live in a chaotic world. Our natural emotions surrounding this are anxiety and fear. They are our body’s natural reaction to change, and it usually serves to keep us stationary. When we tell ourselves, “No, I like where I am,… Read More On anxiety and fear