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Running pants for bad knees

Hey, Bae.

I don’t know what that word means. In fact, I Googled it to verify spelling (Bay? Bea?). Can you pluralize it? Is it only for significant others or friends, too? What about a boss you really like?

If you understand its proper use, you are a) significantly younger or b) cooler than me.

It’s not that I’m above being cool (the I don’t care about that attitude. You know the one). Nor am I over it (with I’ve more important things to worry about flippancy).

Simply put, if I was ever cool, it was probably an accident.

I’ve just always done what makes sense to me which was, unfortunately, closer to the dorky, odd, totally-last-year, totally-next-year, or all the above.

Aside: So when I found out the guy I was dating 8 years ago was both in the debate club in high school AND the marching band, I knew I had a keeper (yes, Dr. P. Secret is out. You’re a total nerd too.)

Luckily, when it comes to mom-gear and workout clothes, though, functional is always in-style (I think).

Take these pants, for example.

cwx pants
Don’t we look cool?

cwx pants tagDr. P ordered these from Active Gearup pre-buy nothing new month (like, December 31st. Really snuck it in there).

Because I’ve had 3 ACL reconstructions, I have a bit of knee pain when I really press my luck. Too long of a run, too heavy of a lifting session, too much drunken dancing at my wedding (I couldn’t run for months after- totes worth it)… my body definitely hollers at me.

If quads are tight, knee can hurt. Hamstrings too snug? Pulls on the knee. Hips out of whack (which is common after baby), knee can be affected. So yesterday I did a pretty solid run in these built-to-support-everything-that-supports-the-knee pants.

It was as if I was suddenly a teenager again with no weird, random aches.

I love these pants.

I just had to share. They are originally a bit pricey- the tag read $75. Dr. P (or Dr. Deal, as it were) found them for about $37. Again, check out Active Gearup, guys. Seriously, the best for cheap and high-quality work out gear.

Unless, of course, you are also doing Buy Nothing New Month. In which case, if you have a bad knee or tight hips, file them under “Necessary” and be done with it.

Have a good run, friends.

xoxo Joanna


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2 thoughts on “Running pants for bad knees

  1. I see your debate club-marching band nerd and raise you a cross country-marching band-yearbook club nerd! Must be why we’re such good friends 😉 Checking out Active Gearup now. Excellent post, as always. ❤

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