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Finding our balance

Finding balance in our lives can be as difficult as finding a handsome, smart, successful, emotionally healthy guy on a Match.com first date.

We think we have him, his messages were nice, he picked us up in a clean car, he chose a good restaurant, and then he says something like, “Just so you know, my wife won’t be allowed to work so I hope that is ok with you” while separating his food by color and eating a pea at a time.

Handsome, yes? Emotionally healthy? Fail.

We usually need a few tries to find Mr. Right, and finding life balance can be equally as tricky- we think we have found a schedule that works, a mindfulness practice that brings us calmness, and have carved out time for friends and health on a weekly basis. But that lasted a couple weeks before we “got busy” or distracted or our work schedule ran away with us or happy hour sounded more appealing than gym time or insert reason here:________________.

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