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Three things I’m loving today

Our culture has been very confused about carbs, but I’ve always been a fan. Carbs give us energy. I like energy! Simple choice.

I do, however, pay attention to processed carbs, and over the years, I admittedly have tried to limit (mostly!) obvious offenders like doughnuts, croughnuts, scones, or otherwise yummy but nutritionally poor white flour items.

But allowing treats and satisfying cravings equals a healthier relationship with food and our bodies so who am I to say no to raisin bread and apple chutney? Which leads me to…

Thing #1 I’m loving today:

Pepperidge Farm Swirl Raisin Bread paired with President Aged White Cheddar with Apple Chutney spread. This is not a product placement, swear! The bread is almost embarrassingly low in fiber (1 gm), but one slice is only 80 calories, the spread is 50 calories per serving, and it satisfies my craving for something sweet AND salty. Oh, please- try.

Thing #2 I’m loving today:

My new prompt-heavy journal Pause. I’m an Anthropologie fan (despite the prices) because I can always count on a visit to their store to be full of beauty, creativity, and also to be surprised. My dear friend, Pam, visited last weekend. We found ourselves wandering around Georgetown and into their new, 3 level Anthro store. I refrained from splurging on anything my husband wouldn’t understand (“Honey, $150 dresses ARE cheap!”), but a thick, white-covered book close to the check out caught my eye. Pam fell in love with hot pink stilettos, and I snuggled with my new journal all the way home. You write in it just once a week, and the prompts help you think about your week in ways you may have never perceived before. Plus, a year from now, I’ll remember each week (I’m still snuggling it).

Thing #3 I’m loving today:

Courtney Carver’s book Soulful Simplicity. I’m a library hound. I have weekly mommy/daughter dates where we each bring home a stack of books to devour. Baby Bee is currently obsessed with a ginormous Wild Africa photography book (lots of pointing to lions and growling going on). I picked up Carver’s 2017 guide to living more with less. She has a warmth in her writing style. She encourages us “toward full clarity on what is most important by getting rid of everything that isn’t”. All the rage right now is Marie Kondo’s Tidying Up show on Netflix, and I followed collective suit by rearranging and dumping and folding. I’ve done a Buy Nothing New Month in the past, but I didn’t really buy it then. I do now. The point is not to literally buy nothing ever– we just want to limit it to things that bring us sustained joy (like a new journal!). Carver encourages us to find our mission and visualize a more meaningful life with less stuff AND less pointless “being busy for the sake of being busy”.

Oh, and the fourth thing I’m loving today? It’s Friday! Which means, family date night!

What are you loving today?


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  1. Oh my GOD!!!

    Your best yet! brilliant, warm, cozy, inspiring, effortless talent, voluptuous vision, and darling….just a few words I would use to describe.. love you!

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