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Vegan Hoppin’ John and first YMCA workout

I want to introduce someone.

This is Mimi (aka my mom). We got to talk via video chat over coffee this morning.video chatting with mom

There are few activities I love more than talking over coffee. She reported that her boyfriend wants to work less and party more. It was a good start to the day.

The First YMCA Visit

So the first YMCA workout happened, guys. I have been running with Baby Bee and the BOB stroller, but this time, I ran on a treadmill, during the day, while Dr. P was at work. This freedom hasn’t been possible since becomin’ a mama. The YMCA free child-care is every bit as drool-worthy as I thought it would be.

Dropping Baby Bee off with the super nice attendant was a little nerve wracking given I’ve never left her with a stranger before, but I realized I couldn’t be a hover-mama forever, right?

Let go of the baby, I told myself. Stop barraging this poor women with questions and instructions. Back awaaaaay.

She’s a happy girl.

Once I got down to the fitness floor, realized there are TVs actually on the brand-new treadmills, and managed to eek out a 5k while listening to my new Amazon music running playlist, all the nervousness sunk away. Baby? What baby? This rocks.

medince ball
I did medicine ball squat tosses and one-legged deadlifts. Legs feel good and sore today!

And then I got nervous and ended the workout after only 10 minutes of lifting (I lift after I do cardio most of the time now due to limited gym visits as a new mom). Mommy anxiety won out. Blast. Pretty good for a first visit though, yes?

And it was good to get into running again after a few weeks off due to the holidays, frigid weather (really, a bomb cyclone?), a stomach bug, and Baby Bee not sleeping much (darn you 4-month sleep regression!). I’ve been keeping up with my fitness these last few weeks a la a Jillian Michael’s home DVD.

Seriously, how does that woman never age?

But with the sport-specificity principle in mind, I know I need to actually run to prepare for my Rock and Roll half-marathon in March. Thank you, treadmills.

Vegan Hoppin’ John

Dinner last night was an attempt at Hoppin’ John, which is a dish traditionally eaten around the New Year for good luck. I don’t feel any luckier, but the day is young.

It contains black-eyed peas, peppers, spice, and meat to flavor. Black-eyed peas are chock full of fiber and protein and basically fat free, plus they were on sale for 99 cents for a dried bag. Is there a healthier, cheaper food?

Since we don’t eat meat, I used this recipe but experimented with something called liquid smoke to impart a smoky, ham-like flavor. It was pretty tasty. I added some brown rice and creole seasoning I made from scratch. I don’t have a Dutch oven so instead I soaked the beans overnight to remove some compounds that are hard to digest, and discarded the liquid- it contains those compounds now so don’t save it. Soaking helps to soften beans as well so it helps with the cooking process.

Here is a picture of the beans. Brown food makes for terrible food photography, right? I didn’t even try to make it look sexy. black eyed peas

Beans are great for the waistline, though, and without the salty meat additions, this dish is heart healthy. Boom.

Stay warm.

Xox Joanna


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