What an RD eats in a day

Healthy-LunchRachel from Accidental Athlete is a sweetheart. I met her walking to the metro one windy weekday morning. She was on her way to do a corporate wellness presentation and her sunny disposition was immediately contagious. She handed me her card, and I made sure to follow up with her and connect. Love chance meetings!

Her own personal health journey is inspirational, with some ups and downs, and she is now a pillar of strength and femininity. I was complimented and more than happy to oblige her when she asked me to do a guest post on her blog. It was super fun and one of the reasons I decided to start writing more often! Special thanks to Rachel for letting me take up a bit of space on her online home, if only for a brief moment in time.

Check out the guest post here.  Nom noms!

Bodacious Take Away: There is no one right way to eat- vitality has many faces. Find what works for you.

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