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What I’m loving today: Warm and savory plant-based bowls, new friends, and a video chat that won’t spy on you

My first utterance to Dr. P today was something like, “You made that funny clicking noise from the movie last night in your sleep.”

The movie being the super creepy Hereditary, and the noise would clue us in that the character was possessed by an evil entity (not to give anything away here). Scrolling through his phone, Dr. P understandably denied this.

(He totally made the noise. Twice.)

The second thing I said to him, as I jumped out of bed, was, “I want a bowl of oatmeal with eggs, veggie sausage, pistachios, and berries. And an espresso.”

“Uh- huh. That sounds weird.” He was hardly impressed. But enter today’s theme: Warm, savory plant-based bowls!

The #1 thing I’m loving:

My breakfast bowl! Just as I imagined- quick cook oats, Morning Star veggie sausage, egg, pre-prepared pesto from Costco, chia seeds, pistachios, avocado, and blueberries in dried mint and lemon juice. Perfection. I was full and satisfied for hours.

oatmeal and eggs

The #2 thing I’m loving today:

New friends! I asked a mom on a blind date. Let me explain.

Baby Bee has a best friend at daycare. They giggle and chase one another around all day. It’s so cute to watch! I asked the daycare provider if she could get the friend’s mom’s number, because we needed to set up a play date and because I never saw her due to differing drop off times.

I texted her this morning, and she met us at story time at the bookstore. She was so sweet! And the girls had fun. And 4 other mommy friends and their babes came as well. Lots of running around, Elmo stickers, and stealing one another’s books. Fabulous! I love taking a risk and being open to new friendship.

The #3 thing I’m loving today:


eating lunch

Take 2 on warm savory, gluten-free plant-based bowls! Baby Bee immediately went down for her nap so I took advantage and cooked. Two large sweet potatoes from the farmer’s market became horseradish mashed potatoes. I air-fried chickpeas with harissa salsa, sautéed spinach with garlic and salt and pepper, and tossed in some sunflower seeds, gorgonzola, red cabbage, cherry tomatoes, and some leftover barbeque tempeh.

It was such a warm, comforting combo of soft and crunchy. Dr. P even waited patiently for his bowl while I photographed them. Thanks, babe.

Warm, savory sweet potato bowl

Last thing I’m loving today:

Google Duo. Thank you Google Duo for not eaves dropping on my conversation like Facetime does. Thank you for allowing me to watch my sister practice her belly dance routine while I eat my lunch bowl. And thank you for being free.

Shout out!

What are you loving today?


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